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Aust F5J Trophy

F5J Flyer 2020

F5J Trophy - Cootamundra Field

6th to 8th November, 2020

General Information

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The F5J Trophy this year combines the selection trials for the F5J World Championships Australian Team with a more relaxed competition for those simply flying in the F5J Trophy as non-aspirants. There is a trophy and prizes for both Open and Limited (wingspan <= 2.6m).

A Practice Day will be held on Thursday 5 Nov. Camping on site from Wed 4th Nov is free and hot showers are available It’s a three day event commencing 8:00am on Friday 6th Nov and concluding about mid-afternoon Sunday 8th Nov.

Both e-Scoring, via smart phones, and paper based scoring will be available.  A QR app is required to facilitate e-Scoring and is available from the App Store for free here:ϟ/id368494609

There will be no fly-off and no teams (to allow the best possible varied draw). All rounds to count except that the lowest score will be dropped.

Non-aspirants are permitted to employ Emergency Motor Restart.

Aspirants are not permitted to use Emergency Motor Restart.

After launching the aircraft must not turn back over the Safety Corridor for 3 seconds. Safe height over the safety line is 10m. Low passes will incur a penalty.

Standard F5J penalties as included in FAI rules and will be employed. The 2020 rules can be found byclicking here

A three-man jury will be established to hear protests. Any protest must be lodged on the approved protest form before the start of the next Round after the incident, and must be accompanied by $50 protest fee (reimbursed if protest is upheld).  Protest forms are available from the CD

An aspirant cannot time for an aspirant. However an aspirant may act as an observer and caller for an aspirant. Timers must be F5J fliers who have an understanding of the FAI F5J rules. 

Preparation time between groups will be 5 minutes, but fliers from the next group may enter the Safety Corridor when the preceding group flight reaches 8 minutes.

FAI wind limits of 12 m/s will be employed. The event will proceed until this wind limit reached. Participants may opt out if the wind becomes uncomfortable for them, but a zero score will be recorded.

A hold may be placed on proceedings for rain at the CD’s discretion. 

A short lunch break will be provided each day.

Specific Information for Aspirants to the World Championships

Height device standards used at the World Champs will be employed for World Champs F5J team aspirants. Aspirants must use an approved device to record climb height – the list of approved devices can be found by clicking here.

The Jeti Mvario2 Ex F5J can only be used with a hand-held reader - Tx display not permitted for aspirants. Firmware Versions for aspirants; 5.1/5.2 for Altis Nano, 5.2 for Altis V3 and 5.5/5.6 for Altis V4 and 4+ 

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