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Postal Competitions

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 Fly on any day of the month,

                wherever you choose, chris wilson and ken hopgood hard at work in arno bay sa

                              whatever conditions you choose   russell wiltshires radian

                                        then post a score.               

  • The general idea of postal comps is to fly a given task each month, record your score, and then ‘post ‘ it to the Contest Director (strictly speaking, email it) .
  • There are no restrictions on when or where you fly.  You can pick any day you like, and the place you like and have a go.  Well really, you can have several goes.
  • In most of the comps, it's the last nominated flight the counts.  There’s to be no “cherry picking” You don’t get to choose your best flight. It’s your last flight that counts.
  • The idea is to submit one score each month and your result for the year is based on the best ‘x’ out of ‘y’ scores. If it looks like a tie is likely, the CD will nominate how that will be resolved.

In 2016 we will run postal comps for:

  • Radian Glider
  • F5J (limited motor run glider)
  • 1/2A Texaco Electric Old Timer
  • Texaco Electric Old Timer
  • Duration Electric Old Timer
  • Height Limited Old Timer
  • Nostalgia (Coota Class) Electric Old Timer


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