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Below are the copies of the AEFA magazine - Electric & Glider Flight Australia. This magazine is distributed regularly to all our members. 

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Not bad for the grand cost of N O T H I N G.

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Click the editions you want to view from the list below.  When finished reading, click your browser's "back" button to return to AEFA.

Vol 16:- 2019 January

Vol 15:- 2018 November

Vol 14:- 2018 August

Vol 13:- 2018 June

Vol 12:- 2018 March

Vol 11:- 2018 January

Vol 10:- 2017 October

Vol 9:- 2017 August

Vol 8:- 2017 May

Vol 7:- 2017 February

Vol 6:- 2017 January

Vol 5:- 2016 December

Vol 4:- 2016 August

Vol 3:- 2016 June

Vol 2:- 2016 April

Vol 1:- 2016 January

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