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F5J Leaderboard  

Results from F5J events around the country are tabulated on the Leaderboard. Those at the top of the board are invited to compete in the official Australian team at international F5J events.

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Australian F5J Leaderboard Development

F5J become an official FAI event on 1st January, 2017! No longer provisional - now a World Championships coming soon - start practising!

The F5J Trophy event in Canberra, Picton Cup Rnd2, Sailplane Expo and F5J at the NEFR have been logged for listing on the Slovakian leader board. But there is more - and it is not steak knives! The Trvana club in Slovakia, where F5J was born. have been asked by the FAI to prepare a brief for the First F5J World Championships in 2019! In the meantime, the World Cup run by the Trvana club each August continues.

In 2017 there were three F5J events in close proximity in one week in Slovakia during August to made it worthwhile for overseas teams to attend. They are calling it the Slovak Triangle!! Our Aussie team to checked the lie of the land and brought back significant intel!

The AEFA has a fund to support the Aussie team of three fliers to attend These events. 10% of all AEFA events will be allocated to this fund. Will your club support it? Let’s raise funds to make sure the best Aussie team goes next year - and individuals can self-fund to join the team even if not selected.

To foster this strategy, the AEFA is starting an Australian F5J Leaderboard - the aim of which is to:- 

  • Establish a leaderboard of fliers who fly in F5J events to help choose a suitable team to represent us overseas. The aim of the leaderboard is to identify the best F5J fliers to represent Australia.
  • Every flier receives points on the leaderboard following an AEFA F5J event.
  • Consider adding results from the following non-AEFA events and organisations to the leaderboard:
    • Sailplane Expo, Armidale
    • League of Silent Flight Tournament F5J event
    • RCGA Victorian organization that holds regular F5J events
    • Other club events run to the FAI rules, where formal results can be submitted
    • Fliers in club events can request inclusion even if the organisers do not submit results – if the individuals can forward the formal results chart
  • Inclusion of the results from non-AEFA events is at the discretion of the AEFA executive.
  • The number of points is the number of people below them in the final placings – bigger events, more points!
  • Obviously, those who participate more will receive more points. This will also help promote F5J events.
  • For example – Phil Stevenson won the F5J Trophy event in Canberra with 33 fliers, so he receives 33 points. David Pratley came second, so he receives 32 points, and so on down the results list.
  • The aim is to help fund the best F5J fliers to attend overseas events – in particular the World Cup to be held next year (August 2017) at the site of the proposed World Championships scheduled for 2019.
  • The AEFA will commence a fund to offer financial assistance to AEFA fliers who can attend these events, represent Australia and bring back significant intelligence about how to plan our World Championships effort.
  • Funds will only be supplied to AEFA members. High performing fliers on the leaderboard, who do not belong to the AEFA, can be invited to join so that they can be included in the AEFA team.
  • National and State Associations be asked to assist with the fund. Clubs that include F5J fliers be asked to contribute. Fund raising activities be commenced to also assist.
  • The AEFA will commence the fund with a significant starter amount – currently considering $165.
  • 10% of all funds received by the AEFA from future F5J events will be allocated to this fund.
  • At the appropriate time, AEFA fliers on the leaderboard be offered assistance to attend the World Cup in Trvana, Slovakia starting at the top of the leader board and continuing down the list until three pilots agree to attend.
  • An AEFA team manager be appointed who handles the dispensation of the funds and arrangements for the Australian team to take part in the event. This may be one of the pilots or someone else with significant F5J knowledge who can assist.
  • Individuals may also join the team to give a significant Australian presence, but will largely self-fund their involvement. The Australian team may choose to include extra AEFA fliers in some of the funded arrangements.
  • Start the leaderboard record for 2016-17 from the Picton Cup event held this year on 3 July 2016, allowing one full year of results to count towards next year’s figures that will be finalized following the NEFR next year (18 April 2017).
  • The AEFA executive may bring this decision forward at their discretion to allow time to make arrangements for the team to make the trip to Slovakia.
  • Peter Pine be appointed to manage the leaderboard. David Lucas to publish the leaderboard on the AEFA web site and update it after each F5J event, and to manage the sub-dissection in the AEFA funds.
  • This initiative be promoted through the EGFA E-magazine and communication with significant bodies and clubs.
  • After one year, the AEFA executive will review this initiative and decide whether to implement it again for the 2018 World Cup, and also for the 2019 World Championships. It is expected that the continual growth of F5J will significantly increase the viability of this strategy.
  • The AEFA executive reserves the right to modify the details of this leaderboard and funding strategy if difficulties are encountered.

Peter Pine

16-11-16 (updated Jan 18)

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