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President's Latest Report

President’s Message

by Trevor Smith

With the ongoing drought and fire conducive weather, my clubs flying time has been reduced as we enforce a no flying during total fire ban (TOBAN) policy. It’s encouraging to hear that other clubs have also been introducing this policy. While none of us want to cause a fire that may injure others or cause loss of property, we also need to consider the tenure over our flying fields, especially if we lease. With my devil’s advocate hat on, a crash causing a fire during a TOBAN may be viewed as irresponsible by the lessor putting your clubs field tenure at risk. A bit of a stretch perhaps, but not a risk you should be taking with your most valuable asset. 

A flying colleague has asked me to tell you of his recent experience with a propeller strike. Simple situation, the plane landed a bit hard and bent the undercarriage. Wanting to re-fly without returning to the pits the undercarriage was adjusted from in front of the plane with arms very close to the prop. You probably know or may have even experienced what happened next. Transmitter dangling from neck strap, motor switch bumped, electric motor immediately started on full power with no respect for the arm in its path. The other members mobilised very quickly stabilising the wound with the bandages in the first aid kit, took our colleague to hospital, packed up his equipment, ferried his car home and called his wife. Visiting him in hospital before his operation he felt more embarrassment than pain. I’m not going to preach to you about safety, you know what you should and shouldn’t do, but I am going to show you the less gruesome picture of the stitched-up arm. The force was so great that the propeller broke. Fortunately, no permanent damage, all the fingers still wiggle. 

Screen Shot 2019 12 09 at 104033 am


On a brighter note, the Radian and F5J postal comps will be managed by Mel Gillott in 2020. After having done it for 3 years it’s time for me to handover to someone else. Thanks to all those who entered this year and for the little bits of extra info you send with your entries. You are in good hands with Mel as I understand he has over 4 decades of modelling flying behind him. 

And finally for 2019, look after yourself over the Christmas and New Year period and I hope to see you at an event in 2020. 

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