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President's Latest Report

President’s Message

In my first report as President I want to pay tribute to the outgoing committee for their stewardship of our association and in particular to Trevor Smith. It was Trevor’s determined negotiation and resolve that saw the AEFA recognised as the Electric Glider National Special Interest Group (NSIG). In doing this Trevor has made a great contribution to our association. You can find the first annual report of the Electric Glider NSIG on the AEFA web site.

I would also like to introduce your new committee and thank them for nominating:

President: Ralph Dephoff (yours truly)
Vice President: Terry Scolari
Secretary: Charles Powell
Treasurer: Phil Stevenson
Committee Member: Mal Pring
Committee Member: Peter Pine
Committee Member: Alan Mayhew

At last count our association numbered some 439 members. It has been my pleasant duty to welcome our latest – Jason Barry, Peter Finlay, Russell Pearce, Darryl Herman, Barry Stonestreet, Jim Wilks, Ray Dicker, Steve Copelin, David Mira-Bateman and Mati Tabur. Thanks for joining up and I hope you enjoy your association with us.

In recent times we have all been dealing with the restrictions thrust upon us by Covid – 19 including being forced from our flying fields. However, for many, being “forced” into building and repairing our squadrons was of some compensation. On the positive side, there has been considerable interest, participation and sharing in the AEFA zoom chats. Thanks must go to Peter Pine for suggesting this and being the moderator. Personally, I’ve enjoyed the zoom chats and picked up many great modelling tips from the experts. It’s a great way of keeping in contact with our flying friends.

Prior to taking up flying some 7 years ago I had no idea of the diversity and extent of electric powered model flying in Australia. The main challenge that I see facing the AEFA is to nurture this diversity. In no small way, this includes the running of the National Electric Flight Rally (NEFR), a premier event much valued by many of our members not only for its variety but for a chance to catch up with friends. Unfortunately the 2020 NEFR had to be cancelled due to COVID – 19 restrictions. This said, we are forging ahead with the planning for NEFR 2021.

COVID – 19 is also casting a shadow over another event run by the AEFA, namely the annual F5J Trophy. Despite the restrictions (which appear to be easing) your committee is preparing for the 2020 event in November. We have taken the view that it’s easier to cancel it if we have to rather organise the show at the last minute in a panic. This event includes the selection trials for the 2021 F5J World Championship and planning must proceed despite the shadow caste COVID – 19. You will find details under the F5J Trophy tab on our web site.
In closing, may I say thanks for electing me as your president. I now know how Steven Bradbury felt when he won gold.

Stay safe

Ralph Dephoff

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