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Electric Millennium Cup

The Millennium Cup has been an extremely successful, simple, winch launch glider event for two-metre wingspan/two-function control models in NSW that has run for some 18 years. Six rounds have been scheduled each year at different locations each time, and entrants did not have to attend all meetings - the best scores were taken for the results. The events have been organised each year by the Heathcote Soaring League club that is based at Maddens Plains, just south of Sydney.

Numbers have been dropping slowly as adherents turn to electric gliding, so the organisers decided to change to electric gliders from 2018 on. Here is a letter from Col Woodward, HSL President, announcing the change:

Due to increased interest in electric launch gliders, and to encourage new participants, we are going to use electric assisted launch gliders at the Millennium Cup contests, instead of winch launch models, from the beginning of 2018. Please find attached a set of rules for electric assisted models to be used at future Millennium Cup contests. The electric assisted glider rules have been developed to keep the same simple, cheap and fun theme that the Millennium Cup has always tried to achieve.

The electric model is essentially the same as the winch launch model but is allowed to have an extra radio channel to control the electric motor. The model will also require a height limiter to switch the motor off at 150m. To keep an even playing field, the power of the model will be roughly equal to the output of a standard Parkzone/E-Flight radian, 180watts (measured with the models fully charged normal flight pack after 10sec of continuous motor run).

There will be a wattmeter made available in the Millennium Cup equipment box with various battery connectors for people to “self police” their models. Random tests may be conducted if the CD of the day or the Committee notices an obvious breach. The contest director will choose a launching spot which has no equipment or people upwind for safety. As planes are launched, the pilot and timer will reposition onto their landing spot. The contest director will have to “meter” launches depending on available landing spots.

The electric assisted models will require their time keeper to start a watch when the model leaves the launcher’s hand. At 30 seconds the time keeper will announce that the motor should be turned off, if the pilot or limiter has not already done so. The pilot will need to fly for a total of 6min 30sec from when the model is released. Once the model has been released, no relaunches are allowed. If the motor is started again then the flight time will stop, there will be a 50 point penalty and no landing points. This is to try to mimic an out landing for a winch launch model and to deter flying for maximum time points when there is no chance the model will get back to the spot.

A score will be submitted which includes total flying time up to 7minutes (6 minute 30seconds for maximum score), landing distance and motor re-run penalty if required. At no stage will an electric model be launched or motor started pointing towards people or the pits. Landing will be the same format as the winch launch gliders. We welcome any comments as the competition is run to further improve the format. This set of rules will be made available on the Heathcote Soaring League Website:

Regards, Colin Woodward

The full rules can be viewed by clicking here, so check them out, dust off your 2m electric soarer, and give it a go. 


FUll details at HSL website - click here to view.

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