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Paul Gibson, known to many of the east coast F5J and Millennium Cup flyers, passed away on the 13th February 2020 following a long struggle with a blood disorder. 

He enjoyed aeromodelling for almost all his life and was an accomplished full-size glider flyer as well an enthusiastic competitor with model gliders. He originally came to Australia in the 1970’s to work in the research labs at BHP Newcastle. He returned to the UK in the 1980’s and spent some time working in Austria. He and his family returned to Australia in the early 1990’s and settled (again) in the Newcastle area. He was a member of the Rebel Aeromodellers Club in Newcastle and flew from the Salt Ash field. He was a regular competitor in the Millennium Cup and at Open Thermal competitions, and as these events electrified Paul transitioned to flying predominantly Millennium Cup and F5J competitions. Because of his background in full size gliding he was an extremely competent flyer, and very competitive. Over the past decade Paul overcame several challenges to his health and showed a great ability to just get on with life. His last major competition was the F5J Trophy in Cootamundra held in November 2019.  Although unwell, he enjoyed the competition and in his good-humoured way continued to cheer up those around him. Paul will be sorely missed by those who knew and loved him. 

It was Pauls wish to support future Aussie F5J teams to world championships and this will be achieved by a modest bequest to the AEFA, from the proceeds of selling Paul’s modelling gear which was undertaken by Paul’s friends.

The AEFA committee have agreed to accept Paul’s bequest.  All funds received from the sale of Paul’s modelling gear will be held by the AEFA in a separate bank account and used solely for the purpose Paul intended. 

This is a wonderful gesture from Paul and the AEFA will ensure his bequest is honoured.

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