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NEFR 2022

National Electric Flight Rally [NEFR]

Easter 2022,  April 15 - 18

NSW State Field Cootamundra

The following information is a draft based on NEFR 2021.  Watch for updates

The NEFR is a jamboree of electric flying activity for a group of friends who like to get together each year and have fun flying a range of regular and some fun events.

NEFR 2020 Title


This year, the event will be held at the Aeromodellers NSW State Field, Cootamundra, at Easter, 15th April 2022 – 18th April 2022.  This of course is subject to the NSW Health Department regulations that now allow up to 50 people to attend an outdoor gathering. Let’s hope it stays that way or that restrictions ease further.

The field will be open on the 14th April for camp setup and free flying.  Below are various links giving more details. Keep checking this page for updates. All entrants must be MAAA affiliated.

The F5J limited class has been discontinued in favour of 3 levels of competency flown concurrently. These levels are Expert, Advance and Sportsman. You will be asked to self nominate your skill level on the entry form which may be moderated by the committee.

Similarly, “Radian” has been morphed into a new E-RES event which remains open to Radian flyers. Considerable interest is building in this event with many flyers already building and flying models in local events. Rules for E-RES NEFR can be found Click Here

Experience the thrills (with less chance of spills) of pylon racing in a new three class event. These classes range from high speed pushers to sedate low speed foamy gliders like Radians.   Go on, have a go.

Consider entering “Scale”, which this year caters for two classes, “Sport” and  “Foamy”.  The rules are fairly elastic, with a safe take off and landing the minimum demonstration skills for judging. Maybe even just a take off!  Practise some manourvers and enjoy the flying.

So start preparing your models and lodge an entry form which you will find at the end of this article.   You will find details at the end of this article.  Although we wish to be inclusive, those events that do not receive at least five entries might be cancelled. 

The AEFA AGM will be held in conjunction with a roast dinner at the field on the Saturday night.

Full Flier Watch this space.

Events include:

  • Foamy Pylon 
  • LEG
  • E-RES
  • Electric Old Timer
  • F5J
  • Scale
  • Scramble

AEFA Multi Class Foamy Pylon Rules

All Classes:

  • Commercial Foam kits and ARFs only.  Minor modifications including motor and Prop substitution permitted.
  • Course consists of 2 pylons spaced at 120 – 150 metres with pilots and officials safely outside.  Minimum safety distances strictly maintained.
  • Race duration of 4 minutes.
  • Maximum battery is 6600 mAh eg: 3S 2200 mAh.  A minimum of 2 batteries are required as there will be 2 consecutive rounds on each of 2 days.

Fast Class:  Pusher configuration with a minimum 19 sq dm wing area.
Standard Pusher Class:  Minimum wingspan 1.3. Pusher motor.  Conventional configuration required (no flying wings). Bixler, Skysurfer or similar models suitable.
Glider Class: Minimum span of 1.7 m.  Tractor motors permitted.  Radian, Easyglider or similar models suitable.

Map to NSW State Field 

NEFR Web info

Free Camping available at the field

First come - best dressed. No powered sites.


  • Toilets with lighting at night – Men’s, Women’s & Disabled
  • Unisex hot shower
  • Large shed with upstairs mezzanine floor overlooking field
  • Large concrete area under mezzanine with lighting
  • Canteen window opening to undercover area
  • On-field pits area with concrete floor - shade cloth covered
  • A 240V generator will be available for battery charging


  • Breakfast available Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • Lunch available Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • Please note that there is no official catering on Friday and Sunday night
  • Menu - Egg & Bacon Rolls, Hamburgers, Sandwiches, Chicken Burger, Sausage Sandwich, Cappuccino (pod coffee), Instant Coffee/Tea, Cold Drinks/Water.
  • Bring your own chair – tables supplied


This is the time when nominations and voting for the executive committee takes place - so think about who you would like on the committee and nominate them. It will be held at the field on Saturday 3rd with a catered roast dinner. For catering purposes, please register your attendance on the entry form.


Stay tune for the full program when it is finalised.

Entry Fees and Form

The admin fee is $50 which covers the costs of running the rally, as we don't charge membership fees to belong to the AEFA. In addition, there is a $15 per event entry fee which is capped at $75 when 5 or more events are entered. The entry form is used to enter the contest, and to reserve your roast dinner at the AGM dinner ($25/head) on Saturday night.

There are two entry form formats. Excel and PDF which will be available when completed.

Excel - contains data validation rules minimising mistakes. If you are comfortable using Excel click here to download the form, fill out electronically and email.  The file might open as a preview in which case press the blue DOWNLOAD button andthen the ENABLE EDITING button.

PDF - those not comfortable with Excel, download the PDF version click here complete, and snail mail to Treasurer Phil Stevenson.

All fees must be paid in advance, preferably by EFT.
For assistance, contact Ralph (call 0408 254 242 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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